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Known for his freestyle raps, infectious sense of humor, and seemingly endless supply of cutoff t-shirts, Noel joined as one of Bench Mark Program’s initial students. Once slipping down a dangerous slope, he made the conscious decision to push away negative influences and start realizing his full potential. Noel is one of our best attending students, and we’ve seen tremendous growth, both inside and outside of the gym. Not only can Noel now justify wearing cutoffs, he can show off his muscles at Thaddeus Steven College, where he’ll study water and environmental technology in the fall! 

"I never had anyone to push me before like Bench mark Program. I feel blessed that they believed in me from the beginning, and i know they are always there for me."


Famous for his impressive dance moves and affectionate personality, Reggie is one of Bench Mark Program’s most inspiring students. He came to Bench Mark Program from a very dangerous area and was initially hesitant about the organization. Fast forward several months, and Reggie both graduated from high school and secured a full-time job to provide for his two-year-old daughter. We're excited to see Reggie become a positive role model for his child! 

"bench mark is a supportive brotherhood that takes youth off the streets and gives them opportunity. they helped me get a full-time job, and now i'm thinking about college." 


Manny lives with his single mother and never knew his dad. With his older brother departing for the military, Manny became the man of the house at a very young age. To cope with this immense change, Manny developed some bad habits and landed on probation. After finding Bench Mark Program, he got off probation and graduated high school. Moreover, despite breaking both hands playing basketball, Manny did not miss a single session at the facility. Now, Manny is employed as a full-time civilian safety officer, and we couldn't be prouder of his successes!

"will has been the father that i've never had. he and the rest of the team have gotten me on the right path. i'm happy to be part of this program."