Bench Mark Program is a strength-based family of mentors who use exercise, academic support, and career counseling to propel at-risk youth toward successful futures.


BMP is creating a model program that can be expanded through social franchising into any community interested in creating a unique space for mentors and young adults. By partnering with community agencies that provide intensive interventions, BMP provides a stimulating yet comfortable environment for youth to engage in physical activity and connect with positive influencers. Through fundraising and social enterprise, BMP intends to hire part-time and full-time staff to enhance student service offerings. BMP is creating a culture of mentoring that allows mentors and mentees to comfortably connect, free from oppression of pre-programmed services and plans. BMP is redefining the status quo.



When Will Kiefer was a senior at Franklin & Marshall College, he volunteered as a mentor and personal trainer for Lancaster's at-risk youth and learned about the severity of the vicious cycle that was trapping these kids in jails and court rooms.

Following graduation, Will dedicated himself to advancing the lives of these at-risk youth. He couldn't walk away from his students nor could he watch from the sidelines. These young men desperately needed support and guidance; thus, Bench Mark Program was born.

Bench Mark Program was born out of necessity. At-risk youth typically don't respond well to traditional therapy or parole meetings. Put simply, they don't want to talk about their feelings to people they can't trust. Bench Mark Program provides a more effective outlet for them -- one where they can just be themselves while receiving unconditional and long-term support.



Will Kiefer, NSCA-CPT

Founder/Executive Director

Kevin Stauffer


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Cory Robinson

Head Mentor











Troy Barndt  Head Mentor

Troy Barndt












    Strategic Consultants/Advisors

            Dylan Gordon                  Ryan Duffy  

           Andrew Wenger               David Stameshkin               


  Board of Directors

   Sara Johns (Chairperson)                                Jeff Williams

   Jameel Thrash (Vice Chairperson)                   Paige Morabito

   Joshua Druce (Secretary)                               Greg Rutter

   Chris Hartman (Treasurer)                              Lija Diem Stoltzfus

   Andy Appel