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Liftoff can provide the gym space, the equipment, and the scheduling software necessary for you to branch out on your own. With a 1600 square foot, uniquely outfitted fitness facility, you can launch your own business at a rate that is wholly dependent on your individual drive to succeed. With a simple once-a-month payment and access to scheduling software, you can charge whatever rate you believe is appropriate for your clients. Liftoff will not take any percentage payment from your client rate.



As a certified personal trainer in a corporate gym environment, fully ⅔ of your hourly compensation for training services can be absorbed by an overarching fee structure. For an average 60 minute session, your client might pay the gym $45, and you (as the trainer) might only earn $15 for your efforts. Fee structures such as this stifle entrepreneurial drive and limit the reward for building a large, active client base. But breaking free of this corporate gym fee structure as an independent personal trainer is difficult because the capital required to outfit a gym space fit for client usage is high.


Trainers are responsible for their own certification, which must be actively renewed depending on expiration date, as well as liability insurance. Reduced liability insurance rates are available through a separate Liftoff vendor (see admin for details).


For more information, or to sign up for a tour of the Liftoff facility, please contact Will Kiefer at 717-339-9766 or