No matter our strengths or struggles, we are all humbled by the same weight. What's more, we use exercise as the means to develop discipline, determination, and a formidable work ethic. Our fitness training services, all of which are led by certified coaches, include:

1. Powerlifting and olympic weightlifting

2. Boxing

3. Mixed martial arts

4. Speed/agility work 



Many at-risk youth join Bench Mark Program with the belief that college is neither financially feasible nor useful for their goals. We consistently educate our students on the benefits of post-secondary education and help them explore scholastic opportunities. Our academic services include:

1. Curating a list of schools unique to each student's interests

2. Taking prospective students on campus tours and meetings with admissions officers

3. Work with all necessary stakeholders (e.g., family members, high school counselors, etc.) on application materials and financial aid forms

4. Providing unconditional mentorship and support throughout college life


Bench Mark Program recognizes that financial stress can lead to a variety of harmful behaviors, and we seek to relieve our students and their families of that burden through step-by-step career coaching. Our career services include:

1. Conversing about the root causes of financial instability

2. Identifying potential job opportunities that take into consideration the following factors: school, transportation, and family responsibilities

3. Teaching students how to write proper resumes, cover letters, and follow up emails

4. Guiding students through any difficulties with their jobs or job site trainings