An Introduction to Bench Mark Program

Welcome to the Bench Mark Program blog! At Bench Mark, we build connection and trust with every student who walks through our door. We drive progress in each student’s life by using exercise, academic support and career counseling to propel them toward a successful future. This means every month, we’re supporting our students as they hit their goals in the gym and the classroom, volunteer in their community, tour job sites, and apply for jobs and colleges. Our goal is for this blog to give you an inside look at these events and how they impact our students. 

Bench Mark Program is a non-profit that operates through grants and donations, with a talented team of volunteer mentors who  are dedicated to our students and the community. To learn more about Bench Mark Program and our unique approach to mentoring, visit our website

In the past year a lot of exciting things have happened for us. We raised more than ever before at Lancaster’s Extraordinary Give ($27,692.55), we launched a new intensive program called Strength-Based Skill Building (SBSB) in collaboration with Lancaster County Juvenile Probation and we’ve opened our second branch in Columbia in January. 

Next month, we’ll take a look at the Third Annual Crime Prevention Summit. We’re proud that Bench Mark Program students will be leading a panel called “Equipping All of Us to Prevent Crime” during the summit and we hope to attend other discussions and panels as well. 

Thank you for joining us on our journey as our students #becomebenchmark.